Friday, December 22, 2006

Will be gone for a while...

Eeeh, title says it all, I'll be away for a while.. from this Sat til prolly around Jan 3rd? So i'll be spamming uploading sketches and CG for this one.. sorry~~~~~ I don't have internet nor scanner at my place in Markham (all in Oakville). But I'll be back on the 3rd, so I'll catch up by then... T_T;;

Avsok Chrono
Hong Saki
Hahaha... did sketches of my guildmate's characters.
Cabal Online is underdoing Closed Beta 3 right now (i have like 3-4 invitations left if you guys wanna try it out) after that it goes into open beta.


This one was done for commission.... I hope it's good enough (T_T;;;;

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Lisa Tao said...

wow ur cg looks like an anime scene =O coolios
hows animaRO going lol