Tuesday, December 19, 2006

sketch #3 // notice

hey, im like back home and stuff..dont got a scanner but i think im going to my cousin's place later and i thinkkk she has a scanner so i'll see wat i can do :O
yeah during the holiday my posts mite be late-ish or watnot D:
sorry ahead of time, i'll be posting a sketch with this post later :p

edit: here are the sketches i promised (well supposed to be one but i'll post two for the hell of it cuz i duno which one to post, but it'll count as 1 sketch)

(this is how snowballs are made)


Jurffy said...

those are cool vivian!

Lisa Tao said...

whoa weird i believed that the second one was dom's drawing lol
i need to take more fiburs ):

Letz said...

i like it! but i can hardly see it!!!! fix it with PS or sth next time