Saturday, December 2, 2006

Sketch 1 - Random girl

ok quick sketch of the week... lol just a random girl..hmm i dunno what shes interacting with yet...i gotta figure out what to draw..there to be honest o_O


jurffy said...

As much as i love nude girls like you do Peter, haha.. the way you drew the angle of her head seems off slightttttlyy.. haha.. something to do with the back of her jaw area i think. idunno!!! GOOD JOB DO MORE! Lol

Shanku said...

ooh peter!!! and neeekid chicks.. *hides it from joyce* XDXD jkjk

Nice stuff, the head a bit wierd... can you really turn like that?? :O

Lisa Tao said...

oooh smexy O_O;; is she taking a shower?
i think the head turning is fine but just the jaw i guess..
need the meat under the jaw??
i dunnooo D:

Peter Chan said...

>.> i guess i always tend to try to fit the frontals of a face into my pics...even if its not calling for it. o_O thanks for point that out go and try to fix it later XD

hmm lemme play around with it again