Friday, December 1, 2006

guy in a wierd pose... hah

OK! Here's my sketch, i'm going to work on cg now.. byeeeee


yuj said...

looks like wut ken would wear! haha
nice job.

Vivian Lai said...

haha cool :o kinda looks like something ken would draw too /gg

jurffy said...

jack: lol, that is very true... hmm
viv: that's also true! haha.. damn

Lisa Tao said...

yea i thought it looked like kenken's drawing too =O
nice lines tho, looks like toby's lol
just kidding

jurffy said...

Thanks Lisa! Well the lines i basically cleaned up over a blue drawing i did, which you can't see here. I had muscle and stuff.. I drew him nude first.. Ah man, I always have to draw the figure nude first to add clothing now.. takes so much time.. i really hope i can go straight to clothing soon.