Sunday, January 7, 2007

wip stuff

finally got some time and motivation

stupid photoshop error 2 times in 1 hour, so i gave up finishing this


Shanku said...

Dang.. you did a pretty fine job on Cloud...

What's wrong with your computer? (PS CS2 hasn't crashed on my once...)

Lisa Tao said...

forearm a little short? =O
nice drawings but i guess it seems like ive seen you do similar stuff before o_O
i'll try to start doing different things that i usually dont do
lets add oil~ =D

axl99 said...

Very cool stuff :D

[BTW, anyone know who to go ask to sign up for this marathon o-o?]

Lisa Tao said...

ill send u invite =D

Benjamin said...

aww... i wanna c the last 1 finnished!