Wednesday, January 24, 2007


the result of boredom in digi painting class w/ mike.


Lisa Tao said...

i think for the second sketch it would look cooler if the girl had her left arm on her back or something o_O

Vivian Lai said...

i like how u coloured that girl's head D: i didnt even see u do that in class D: was i asleep?? :(

colour the 2nd one :o

GHGraphics said...

Everyone's board in digi painting with Mike.

Lookin' good man.

Benjamin said...

they look hot.. color them!

Matt Lau said...

lol... i guess ill get rid of that arm and see how it looks O_o

yeah i sketched it, and coloured it after class

yeah, ill colour em in no time :D

Letz said...

ooOO! i like the coloured girl's face!